lost in translation

Mail-Art has been becoming more and more popular at the international level.  With that in mind everyone of them have either themes or size requirements.  Some time the instructions are lost in translation.  So we are getting mail that is oversized.  We welcome them all but would love it if you would adhere to the size at least.  A normal envelope no larger than a #10  with that said.  This means nothing to the international mail art aficionados, as this is a U.S. standard.  Just keep the wonderful work coming and we will post them.  We are now working on our first installation.  This was a card, oversized, and it was an original work of art posted.  By the way we do not open envelopes. Thank you,DSCN5691 DSCN5690 Graci, milli graci!


Keep the envelopes coming

Just a quick note when we receive several envelopes at once I tend to spread out the wealth to avoid the dry spells.  We are getting more international mail, the word is getting around.  Today one of my FB friends requested her friends from as far away as Spain to mail me some Mail-Art.   Some of you are responding to personal requests.  Please address the envelopes not to me but to                                                  Lake Worth 100,  City Hall  , 7 n Dixie Hwy.      Lake Worth Fl. 33460      DSCN6864 This piece of mail is inriguing.  All the way from england and definitely oversized.   I’m seeing a rabbit or is it just me.  The letter below has gotten wet and am not sure if it is by accident or by design.  The smudged ink came out purplish.

the back is the same sans address

the back is the same sans address

And a most pleasant surprise is the charming envelope from Sam all the way from California.  Thanks for sending us this envelope, now if you have time and would like to send another, well we would just enjoy that a lot.

DSCN6868 DSCN6867

The hand written note

About a week or so ago I read with great interest an Op Ed “Nobody Writes Notes Anymore. Do You?” .  Knowing this person is very busy I challenged him to take a moment and send us an envelope.  Well he did and here it is.      DSCN6861 Not just that he followed up with another article on May 7, and I guess I’m part of those statistics.   From that I borrow this quote “Well, we’ve done it you and I. We’ve started an honest-to-goodness, bona fide Alice’s Restaurant-verified movement. So if you’ve got a stamp lying around, send me a note — or better yet, send it to someone you love whom you haven’t reached out to in a while. And if you happen to find yourself up in Great Barrington, Massachusetts anytime soon and you run into Arlo Guthrie, remind him that you can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.”   Thank you Bruce, my missive is on its way.  In the same delivery date came two more envelopes one from Germany and  the other from France    NOW THAT’S A GOOD MAIL DAY  Merci and Danke DSCN6857 DSCN6858 DSCN6862 DSCN6863

Thank YOU

A few weeks back we pushed the envelope a bit.  Not an envelope but a Sea Grape leave.    It’s not far fetched to think that in the past they might have been used for short missives via the Barefoot Mailman who delivered up and down the East Coast of Florida and Lake Worth was one of the stops.    This Sea Grape leave  was created during Real Mail Fridays, where  you access  all  great supplies, with complimentary stamps, cookies and coffee plus a few hours with like minded friends at the Jaffe Book Arts Center. It was just the right place for me to take care of the much needed thank you notes that I owed.    Still don’t have all the addresses for the random act of kindness that was bestowed on  me. DSCN5579Now I can’t wait for the  Real Mail Friday which takes place the 1st Friday of  each month.         DSCN5721DSCN6798It arrived in good shape but the stamp had not been cancelled.  That just wouldn’t do.  So I returned it to our local post office and had our charming postman hand cancel the Sea Grape leave and send it  once more.     As we have introduced this art form through some workshops we make sure that they get stamps but also encourage senders to have them hand cancelled.  This just adds a nice touch to the overall look. DSCN6860DSCN6859

Just awesome

On my stop to City Hall I collected 3 envelopes about a half hour ago.  I was so taken with the effort that I just had to mention them on my other  blog .  Periodically mention the envelopes so that we who are celebrating the Lake Worth Centennial can share with friends and relatives.  It was a red-letter day.  Just love how informative this was.  We don’t open envelopes but the message was loud and clear.  Thank you Rae Hannah for the birthday wishes and for letting us know about New Zealand’s internationally famous  children’s book author, honored with  stamps.  DSCN6548 DSCN6550 DSCN6551

oh oh oOH

The new volunteer receptionist at Lake Worth City Hall is seeing mail-art for the first time and is just blown-away.   We are receiving quite a bit of mail and will continue to post all right here.  We received this one envelope without return information but something clicked.  In doing research I actually found this video by Roben Marie making an envelope just like the one she sent us.  So, thank you Roben Marie Smith we were amazed and delighted to get one of your creations.

IMG_2001 DSCN5700This one from India is from a friend on tour there, who remembered us while traveling and is sharing the sights.  Thanks Chris.  DSCN5705DSCN5704

mail-art correct address

When this project first started we were not certain which address would accept the mail-art arriving for our Centennial Celebration.  All Mail-Art should be addressed to Lake Worth’s City Hall  as follows.  

Lake Worth 100   – 7 n. Dixie Hwy   – Lake Worth Fl.  33460

The deadline has also been extended to Nov. 2013. Here is one that didn’t get recorded as it was sent to incorrect address.  We have now streamlined the process.  All daily arrivals to Lake Worth’s City Hall gets documented and posted on this site.  Here is a charming envelope that addresses the history of Lake Worths first  pioneers who manned the  post office with the Barefoot mailman.  More about him next week.  DSCN5716

this did arrive through the post but was not cancelled so back it goes for hand canceling.

this did arrive through the post but was not cancelled so back it goes for hand canceling.