Mail Art call

A few weeks back it was my pleasure to teach a mail-art class at the Lake Worth Art League in Lake Worth Fl.  for the second time.  As things fall into place one thing after another I wrote on my blog about the experience and as things come to pass the enthusiasm was wonderful.  Now the Lake Worth Art League will do a mail art call for an upcoming exhibition tied in with “Words”.

The City of Lake Worth for its Centennial in 2013  had a call for mail art.  The envelopes again arrived  from all over the world.  Japan, France, Finland, Portugal  they can now be viewed at our  Lake Worth Historical Museum.  A gift from the world.   And now it’s time to put Lake Worth on the map once more in a very positive light.   A call for mail art is now being announced by the Lake Worth Art League.

CALL for Mail Art

send your envelopes to    L W A L      (Lake W                                                                                                                                            604 Lucerne Ave.                                                                                                                                    Lake Worth, Florida  33460                                          

 dead line,             3 – 3 – 2018

Please put your e-mail on the bottom right back of your envelope and we will let you know of its arrival.  Also all will be posted on this  Web site and become part of the art exhibition  themed “Words” any further questions e-mail those to

The envelope is the art so it will not be opened.  Happy snail mail.FullSizeRender 2.jpg


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