Just got a glimpse of what will be our part of our first exhibitions.  Looks lovely.   We are still accepting submissions the deadline is Nov. 15, 2013  Keep those envelopes coming, we love them..  When it rains it pours and we just had rain for 5 days straights and it was not just rain it was a deluge. We received some awesome works of art on envelopes and I must applaud this talented group of mail artists.   The  water colour and ink drawing is from someone who must know our area well as they image represents our newly renovated Casino building on Lake Worth Beach.  I gather a snowbird as he has two addresses  and this was posted in MA.  Thank your so much, just love your lettering.DSCN7893 DSCN7892

This one below  eye candy, nothing wasted both sides were finished on a manila size envelope. As the video below mentioned  sometimes it’s not just the time put into an envelope , this one certainly was a labour of love. Check out the postage, a stamp collectors envy.   Take a close look at those stamps.    Thank you Elizabeth Bcolour coordinated

colour coordinated




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