Keep the envelopes coming

Just a quick note when we receive several envelopes at once I tend to spread out the wealth to avoid the dry spells.  We are getting more international mail, the word is getting around.  Today one of my FB friends requested her friends from as far away as Spain to mail me some Mail-Art.   Some of you are responding to personal requests.  Please address the envelopes not to me but to                                                  Lake Worth 100,  City Hall  , 7 n Dixie Hwy.      Lake Worth Fl. 33460      DSCN6864 This piece of mail is inriguing.  All the way from england and definitely oversized.   I’m seeing a rabbit or is it just me.  The letter below has gotten wet and am not sure if it is by accident or by design.  The smudged ink came out purplish.

the back is the same sans address

the back is the same sans address

And a most pleasant surprise is the charming envelope from Sam all the way from California.  Thanks for sending us this envelope, now if you have time and would like to send another, well we would just enjoy that a lot.

DSCN6868 DSCN6867


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