Thank YOU

A few weeks back we pushed the envelope a bit.  Not an envelope but a Sea Grape leave.    It’s not far fetched to think that in the past they might have been used for short missives via the Barefoot Mailman who delivered up and down the East Coast of Florida and Lake Worth was one of the stops.    This Sea Grape leave  was created during Real Mail Fridays, where  you access  all  great supplies, with complimentary stamps, cookies and coffee plus a few hours with like minded friends at the Jaffe Book Arts Center. It was just the right place for me to take care of the much needed thank you notes that I owed.    Still don’t have all the addresses for the random act of kindness that was bestowed on  me. DSCN5579Now I can’t wait for the  Real Mail Friday which takes place the 1st Friday of  each month.         DSCN5721DSCN6798It arrived in good shape but the stamp had not been cancelled.  That just wouldn’t do.  So I returned it to our local post office and had our charming postman hand cancel the Sea Grape leave and send it  once more.     As we have introduced this art form through some workshops we make sure that they get stamps but also encourage senders to have them hand cancelled.  This just adds a nice touch to the overall look. DSCN6860DSCN6859


2 thoughts on “Thank YOU

  1. Excellent! Happy to see the sea grape reached its destination, and had some additional adventures, as well. We put it out with the rest of that Real Mail Friday’s letters and postcards here at our Lake Worth street side mail box the day after RMF. That message has had quite an interesting journey!

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