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Mail Art Exhibition and Reception commemorating Lake Worth Centennial

Contact: AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt (561) 921-1962

Lake Worth, Florida == The Lake worth Museum, located at 414 Lucerne Ave. will exhibit the collection of Mail Art received over the last year in tribute to the city’s Centennial.  the exhibit opens on Wednesday, April 30th with a reception from 6-8 p.m.

More than 10 artistically embellished envelopes were delivered by the US Postal Service to lake worth city Hall from well wishers around the world as far away as China and New Zealand.  Each envelope is a unique expression using drawings, calligraphy, collage or photography, Some are not even envelopes.  One in particular uses a dried sea grape leaf as a canvas for their centennial tribute.

The collection will remain a permanent part of the Museum’s historical collection of art and artefacts from the first 100 years of the City’s history.  the Lake Worth historical Museum in the City Hall Annex Building is located on the second floor.  the Museum is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1-4 p.m. and tours are available by appointment.  For more information about the Lake Worth Museum, please call (561) 533-07354


Found this on a blog that I had been following here and there and after browsing came across a word or two on calligraphy but it was also about envelopes.  so for your enjoyment it is from Lindsey Bugbee whose blog is “The Postman’s Knock.”  I recommend it.


If you have been following we have found a location for our Mail Art exhibition.  More coming as soon as negotiations are complete.

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We are now coming to the end of this wonderful Mail-Art project.  Please send another envelope before the deadline,  November  15, 2013

We have had some small exhibitions and planning now for a major exhibition.  All the envelopes will be going to our Historic Museum and remain there as part of our Centennial  events .  100 years for Lake Worth Florida.

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.      Phyllis Theroux

Address your  mail-art to

Lake Worth 100

7  n. Dixie Hwy.

Lake Worth, Florida 33460

To know more about Lake Worth, Florida, check out one of our bloggers  at    DSCN1498

International Union of Mail Artists

Congratulations !  942475_10151658726782990_1671885801_n They have connected  mail artists from all across the glob.   We appreciate your participation via posting Lake Worth 100 mail art call.  We are receiving many envelopes and recognize the cost of mailing them.   We thank you all who have submitted.  We still have a few months to go and look forward to the mail as they start to arrive daily.  Those neat stamps certainly make us feel special and how about the beauty of the calligraphic envelopes.  This one is very interesting it’s a Zentangle envelope all the way from Australia. Lots of effort  went into this and arrived at it’s destination. DSCN7894

even the back took a lot of time.

even the back took a lot of time.


Just got a glimpse of what will be our part of our first exhibitions.  Looks lovely.   We are still accepting submissions the deadline is Nov. 15, 2013  Keep those envelopes coming, we love them..  When it rains it pours and we just had rain for 5 days straights and it was not just rain it was a deluge. We received some awesome works of art on envelopes and I must applaud this talented group of mail artists.   The  water colour and ink drawing is from someone who must know our area well as they image represents our newly renovated Casino building on Lake Worth Beach.  I gather a snowbird as he has two addresses  and this was posted in MA.  Thank your so much, just love your lettering.DSCN7893 DSCN7892

This one below  eye candy, nothing wasted both sides were finished on a manila size envelope. As the video below mentioned  sometimes it’s not just the time put into an envelope , this one certainly was a labour of love. Check out the postage, a stamp collectors envy.   Take a close look at those stamps.    Thank you Elizabeth Bcolour coordinated

colour coordinated



lost in translation

Mail-Art has been becoming more and more popular at the international level.  With that in mind everyone of them have either themes or size requirements.  Some time the instructions are lost in translation.  So we are getting mail that is oversized.  We welcome them all but would love it if you would adhere to the size at least.  A normal envelope no larger than a #10  with that said.  This means nothing to the international mail art aficionados, as this is a U.S. standard.  Just keep the wonderful work coming and we will post them.  We are now working on our first installation.  This was a card, oversized, and it was an original work of art posted.  By the way we do not open envelopes. Thank you,DSCN5691 DSCN5690 Graci, milli graci!